Lee Elia rant – Yea thats what I do.

1 07 2008

Lee Elia rant – Ive had it with baseball, Its no longer the sport it used to be, not for me at least, now my interest lies with some sports that may be a little bit more unorthodox for the average spots fans, I’m talking about an old sport that literally meant life and death for the outcome, in fact Id say its one of the oldest sports in the world, what is this sport you ask, fencing, yes sir that’s right, I’m talking swishing swords, taking no prisoners, its the original meaning of defence, coming from, de, meaning of, and fence, from fencing, to use the swords, so what we have here is the real meaning of defense, it means of the sword. This is the true form of combat, forget boxing, that evolved from carnival sideshows and travelling circuses. Man I hate that sport, I hate how they stole all the fencing terms to legitimise this sport with no history and tried to piggy back legitimacy from fencing, you see these terms, keep your guard up, it comes from fencing, guardant, seconds out round whatever, it comes from fencing when people fought duels, and had seconds, same goes for the noble art of defence, and prize fighters, they are all fencing terms, boxing’s roots come from carnival sideshows and circuses, Don King, ring girls, silly boxing names for the pugilists, jazzy boxing outfits and entrance music, boxing shows its early origins of the circus, give me fencing, yes sir this is the true art of defence.

Lets check out some modern super fencing from Athens Olympics 2004.

Personally I think modern fencing technique is superior to eastern sword martial arts, why, well good sword technique has two tenants that need to be used, timing and distance, the footwork is far better with western fencers, they control the floor far better, also the simple fact of timing, lets show this with a question, whats the shortest distance between two points, the answer is a straight line, and that’s why the thrust beats the cut.

Lets watch this in action in this session between a kendo practitioner and a fencer. Kendo vs Fencing enjoy.

Ok signing out end of Lee Elia rant.




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15 08 2008

Your blog is interesting!

Keep up the good work!

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