Lee Elia says no to Big Boobed Racist Danielle Lloyd – Disarming Britain.

13 07 2008
Big Guns on the loose

Big Guns on the loose

Controversial celebrity Danielle Lloyd notorious for her celebrity Big Bother Racism to Indian Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty was seen displaying her surgically enhanced assets at movie premiere festivities in London for the film Adulthood, a sequel to Kidulthood directed by Noel Clarke, Adulthood is a film about what life would be like in an imaginary world of gang culture in west London in 2006.

Danielle Lloyd the British star of erotic modeling strutted down the red carpet at the Leicester Square premiere of Adulthood wearing a shocking cleavage baring bright yellow mini dress, which left little to the imagination teamed with silver heels.

See the link to see the skin show.

Following on from the recent ban on Samurai swords, the government has now created a campaign under the title of Disarming Britain, a political campaign to leave Britons without the means of self protection, in her efforts to help the political campaign, glamour model Danielle Lloyd met with elite bureaucrat Lord MacKenzie, under the guise of concern for Drug crime, under the Disarm Britain policy we have a clever manipulation that will allow bills to be put forth under the guise of fighting drug crime, allowing an excuse to bring the disarm Britain policies into practice, will the war on drugs go the same way as the war on poverty, these wars never reach a resolve and seem to go on forever without conclusion, reminiscent of Orwell’s Big Bother and the constant war that people in the totalitarian state lived under. The war on terror, will this also be a never ending war, and just who is the real terrorists? Ordinary citizens perhaps, or would that be politically incorrect to say, the clue is in the title, its politically correct, not socially correct, this is the true meaning of the control on the spoken word.

Elite bureaucrat Lord MacKenzie proposes that It is very important that the only means of force be not in the hands of the public, but completely in the hands of the state. For this reason we believe it is very important that British people should be completely disarmed and the only means of force available will be completely in the hands of the state.



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