Angelina Jolie World Refugee Day Talking Head

14 07 2008
Multiculturalism Sucks

Multiculturalism Sucks

Angelina Jolie never one to turn down humanitarian work, promoter of multiculturalism, see her multi culture, multi race adoptions being heavily promoted by the Hollywood A lister and the media machine, but just what really is multiculturalism, it is the concept of unification of all cultures into a single centralised one, the breakdown of the old and the building of the new, when one builds a new structure, the old is torn down, the former is removed and a new one built from a new specific design for the set purpose the designers created it for is put in place.

We see Angelina Jolie is now the new promoter of World Refugee Day, lets hope we don’t all become Refugees, what with the current policies being brought in making life more and more difficult for the average person to get by.

World leaders talk of Interdependence, but what does this mean, it sounds a little like Independence, but that’s where the similarity ends, one is to be independent of anyone else, the other is its opposite, to have a dependency on others, and others being those above, to return to the servile class of old, as in serve all, its where the term servant comes, one must ask the question just who’s agenda is being followed in the new age of the world, is it yours?



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