Worlds biggest Boobs from freaky Diet and supplements

14 07 2008
Super Powered Titty Tastic

Super Powered Titty Tastic

Are these the worlds biggest boobs, following a new diet supplement plan from Japan and by following the diet plan similar to that of of Roman Gladiators has caused an epic of boob sized super growth, Mrs Suzzie Shankleton of Greenfields Texas was always self conscious of her small boobs, she said she would do anything to be a full figured woman and feel feminine, and that’s exactly what she has done, say goodbye to breast implants, Japanese scientists by mapping the human genome have isolated the individual gene that is responsible for breast growth, by using their supplement program combined with a diet high in minerals, like the diets Roman gladiators followed to heal themselves from broken bones and injuries from the arena, this high mineral diet consists of stews made from various varieties of bean, barley, raw milk, and cod liver oil, combined with the supplement plan we see massive breast growth.

Though I think Mrs Suzzie Shankleton went a little to far, one can see just how far it can be taken, of course most women will not want to take it quite this far, it is rumoured that a temporary version of the supplement plan may be available in the future so that the genome for breast growth may be switched off, so that one can then use the growth tablets on a short term basis and then return back to ones normal breast size, ideal for those just wanting to experiment or have bigger boobs for a special occasion or event without having to have them full time, that should certainly lead to some interesting weekend boob fests.

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14 responses

29 07 2008

Who is this lady in the pic? I searched for her pics but no luck..

4 08 2008

She is from the Lab that makes the drug, she is one of the science team that worked on the drug, she allowed them to test the drug on her, I hope its reversible these are a bit large to say the least, I have images of the test group of Asian women they used to see the effects of the boob growing drug, Ill post them at some time, the results are pretty amazing, so look out for a post on them in the future.

9 08 2008
Worlds biggest Boobs - Test subject image 1 « Lee Elia rant

[…] incredible Japanese boob growing drug revolution, (see here for the original story on revolutionary boob growth treatment) here we see one of the test subjects displaying her incredible assets. Ive heard of […]

19 08 2008

Can’t be real. She would fall off that table.

21 11 2008

fake fake fake !!!

1 12 2008

Whats the drug called I would like to know please tell me I would like my girlfriend on it, she’s always self consious about how small her boobs are

21 12 2008

after some time she is back get problem. Back bone doesnot except her brest weight. she is not good for body, age, life.

24 12 2008

if this was real it would have been all over the news and women all over the world would be paying hundreds for it. (plastic surgeons would be out of a job)

20 02 2009

Dude! You can tell it’s fake because if they were real, her shirt wouldn’t be on! It’s probably just a really large shirt stuffed with giant plastic bags.

23 05 2009

how much is that? my girlfriend would like some

23 05 2009

how much is that? my girlfriend would like some and where can i get that?

11 06 2009

damn girl!!!!!!!!……………………..
what have u been feeding on???……………….
shit! those boobs can really knock me off my two feet…………

26 06 2009

I actually met this girl when on holiday in los angeles, but her agent was keeping things pretty covered up!! Bugger lol! They are real I saw with my own eyes, apparently she was introduced to the drug age 12 in thailand and when 18 came to the states carrying on the drug until last year [when she was 26], so thats 14 years of using a growth drug – but then she says she was abnormally gifted anyway as of age 12 when the treatment started she was a 32D.. so perhaps this was an advantage?? who knows:S

29 06 2009

QUOTE -how much is that? my girlfriend would like some and where can i get that?

See Here
The science behind the worlds biggest boobs.

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