Christian Bible group icebreakers – The Winning Edge of Christ.

15 07 2008

Christian Bible group icebreakers, helping you run your bible group with success, learn how to be a winner in running bible groups.

Find out how to ask Christian Bible group icebreaker questions and then go on to lead onto subsequent life-sharing time.

Learn how to be decisive in aiding the group gain knowledge to “level the playing field” and warm people’s hearts and minds to discourse over God’s truth.

Find out how to create a life changing crossing between sharing your our own life history and experiences and perusing God’s Word?

Learn how to channel those icebreaker questions and answers so they assist people and arrive at the crossing between the truth about their lives and the truth about God?

How to choose a Christian Bible group icebreaker topic that connects on the scriptural truth that we desire to discourse during our group meeting and call for follow-up questions that associate and call together the icebreaker (life story) to the information of Holy Scripture (Bible study) we are talking over.

Learn these things and more at Christian Bible group icebreakers.




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