UFO Abducts Nuns

15 07 2008
tis the Devils work I tells ye

Tis the Devils work I tells ye

Nuns on the run from out of this world terror, a press release from the vatican’s Corrado Balducci, former demonologist, now ufologist, Monsignor Balducci has said that extraterrestrial contact is real.

Speaking of the official doctrine of the Catholic Church, he has stressed that the extraterrestrial encounters may be demonic or visitors from another place in the universe or another dimension, they are NOT due to psychological impairment, these encounters deserve to be studied carefully and the Vatican has departments looking into these cases. He also said that the Vatican is closely following reported incidents of extraterrestrial encounters from its Nunciatures embassies, where there have been many accounts of nuns being abducted by visitors from other realms beyond our terrestrial home, and that saucer craft had been see in the areas prior to the abductions.




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