MadWorld Wii

31 07 2008

MadWorld Wii – A new ultra violent video game is in town.

Are you sick to the back teeth of violence being so goddamn dispiriting and cheerless? If so we have the cure to your ailment. Platinum Games, the developers formerly known as Clover, have a video game to bring violent game action to a new high, or should that be low, this video game violence is about as extreme as I’ve ever seen, Platinum director Shigenori Nishikawa has broadcasted that “cheerful violence” and “curb brawler” will be the themes of the company’s premier Wii title, Mad World, and it certainly is mad. Is this game Shades of God Hand, perhaps? One asks, is MadWorld Wii a touch of if God Hand has sex with the K7 engine in Robert Rodriguez film studio?

MadWorld Wii exploded in a sneak preview sensational bloody video. It had a cartoon, graphic novel styled black and white graphics looking much like Frank Miller’s Sin City, sharing the styling of that graphic novel the only color to be found in the game was in the gratuitous splats, or should I say rivers of blood that regularly explode onto the screen, its pure ultra-violence from start to finish is very much the name of the game, which stars a troubled protagonist dedicated to wanton acts of ultra slaughter. To find out more, follow the link and see how having a road sign lodged through one’s face doesn’t have to be such a miserable affair.

One Mean Mother F***er

One Mean Mother F***er

Find out more link to MadWorld Wii

Until it comes out, follow this link to a new free video game – New World Disorder




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