Pop Idol Super Heroes, have you got the X Factor

10 08 2008

From super star to super hero is this Reality TV gone mad, we take a look at the reality show that is beyond your imagination, and asks the question, have you got the super hero factor.

Super Hero auditions here we come

Super Hero auditions here we come

Pop Idol Super Heros, have you got the X Factor, or perhaps just the krypton factor, whether this program draws you or repulses you its sure one not to miss, if only for the spandex beefcakes or lycra hotties its bound to draw.


From bad


To just plain mad

But why will we really be tuning in to this show. We ask the question, what is best about shows like pop idol and X Factor and all those other talent reality shows, yep that’s right, the preliminary rounds, the try outs, the ya or nay of the modern version of the Roman amphitheater, thumbs up or thumbs down, you decide, its like being a mini emperor, of course its our guilty pleasure, its not the winners we like, no its the losers, those that don’t make the grade, those poor deluded ones that throw themselves onto the spears of criticism, its not the champions but the fallen ones that we love to champion, its a secret guilty pleasure we share with the millions that watch the shows.

TV opiate of the masses, I bee your high priest

TV opiate of the masses, I bee your high priest

Its still not confirmed yet if reality TV grand circus ringmaster himself Simon Cowell has agreed yet to be part of the show, though can we always believe what we read, shades of X Factor Louis Walsh fiasco, I think its set to be a cert with a show speculated to be as large as this.

The winner of the show is set to receive a part in an upcoming major Hollywood film, reported as being the super hero movie to end all super hero movies, its certainly getting some great publicity with a show like this, I mean come on, who doesn’t want to be a super hero, now you get to show an audience of millions just how super you are, and to boot you may become a Hollywood super star if you make it to the end, now that is super.




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