Lee Elia rant, welcome to the strange world of life, let me be your guide though the experience of living in my mind projection, the so call Real Life ™ experience. Don’t be afraid its all only a dream, my dream, the projection of my subconscious into materialism that you call life.

Look inside my brain box!

Look inside my brain box!


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11 08 2008


How did you get that interview with Jessica Alba? Is this real? Anywho, if so I want to talk to you. Please get in touch with me. I might have freelance opps for you.


12 08 2008

According to Robert Anton Wilson, I am the master who makes the grass green, therefore the question should be, if I’m real, how do I know if Jessica Alba is real, or just a projection from my unconscious dreaming, and that you are a reality blip, forcing me to question my own dreaming I call my reality. Can we ever be sure of anything, including oneself.

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