The science behind the worlds biggest boobs.

28 06 2009

Wonder Drug boob enhancement, the truth of sciences level of advancement beyond the public’s perception.

My blog aims to give you the stranger side of life, but in doing so, we sometimes have those who cannot face the realities of the natural world beyond the anesthetic slice of fiction served up between commercials on that great instrument of human opinion re direction, the propagandists dream, that’s right, I am talking about Lucifer’s dream box, the tell-the-vision set.

The reality is that science is beyond what the public are given, when an announcement is made that one day science will be able to do a certain thing, the reality is, it already does, the science has already been created to create such a marvel, in fact all that is left is the public’s acceptance of the idea, this is when predictive programming must be used, to sell the idea to ensure public acceptance is made to a new idea or science that will become mainstream, you see the latest gadgets are already antiques by the time you receive them, they have been made long past at the higher hidden levels of science.

McBigBoobs - Your order is ready

McBigBoobs - Your order is ready

All you have seen is the public side of science creation that merely introduces you to the idea of the new science, before it is distributed to the public as a working product.

The science of breast enlargement wonder drugs is not a new science, as all science is not new, it is not called scientific research for nothing, read, re-search, that is , re, as in to do again, as the brighter ones amougst you may now realise, it is re search, as the answer has already been found long ago.

Now prepare to play the medias dance, breast implants are the old science, the new science is boobs out of a bottle, no more Frankenstein surgeries to create the monster boobzillia, its the 21 st century folks, the new age is body transformation by changing the bodies own natural chemistry. I can assure you breast augmentation through medicine and not surgery has already been perfected, all that is left is to slowly allow the public’s acceptance to the new drugs that are available. Viagra gave you an erection out of a bottle, the same will be so for breast enlargement, prepare your spam filters, when this thing hits mainstream, the promises of exploding boobs will be explosive indeed.


Latest Gym, Bodybuilding and Fitness clothing

8 03 2009

What are the new gym clothing brands that you should be wearing. Anyone who frequents the gym knows that a vast number of people fail to wear the proper attire. How often have you seen some guy on the bench press wearing jeans or cargo pants? Worse yet, have you ever had the displeasure of witnessing a man doing squats in spandex shorts?

The gym is perhaps the most important setting to wear the proper clothing so you have to be fashionable doing it. Many men take their gym clothing for granted, throwing on an old shirt and some sweatpants. They figure that they’ll just sweat all over it anyway, so why wear something nice?

Livin Large Gym Clothing

Livin Large Gym Clothing

This attitude, however, will get you nowhere; the gym is just like any other setting in your life where it is important to be fashionable. You are as likely to meet a potential girlfriend or boss at the gym as you are at the mall. Why look good in one setting and not in another?
So do your body good.

For stylish gym clothing what better than looking here. Livin Large bodybuilding clothing.

For European gym clothing go here.
For the rest of the world go here.

Farting Preacher – The Holy Trumpet of Heaven

1 11 2008

The Lord Speaks to him by the power of Farts, praise be the holy trump! Listen to the words of God speak true and clear through the power of his holy farts, working divine miracles through the anus, praise be, to this wondrous feat. Come my beloved flock and listen to the Farting Preacher deliver his sermon of flatulence.

Freaks Of Nature – The Human Treeman

31 10 2008

Human ‘ Treeman ‘ begs for help as he turns into a tree.

An Indonesian man who suffers from a rare disease which causes tree-like warty horn growths known as “cutaneous horns”. all over his body. Dede’s ordeal began when he was 15 and cut his knee in an accident. A small wart developed on his lower leg and spread uncontrollably. Eventually he had to give up work as a builder and fisherman, and scratch a living in a traveling freak show. His wife of ten years left him as it became impossible for him to support her and their two children. he is seeking help from the medical world of the west and is undergoing treatment for his condition.

Royal Sex Bomb.

30 10 2008

With rumours of sexual scandals rocking the royal household, we can reveal a new Royal sex bomb that has been revealed with shocking revelations for the Royals.

In a nationwide survey in over 80 year olds on just who they think is the sexiest gal, the number one pin up for the senior citizen is none other than her majesty, Queen Elizabeth, that’s right, amongst the silver surfers on their number one hottie, the lady with the charms they simply cant resist is the reigning queen of the United Kingdom,

Coming head and shoulders above all that would challenge her glamour crown is the regal vintage pin up HRH, perhaps we should change HRH from being her royal highness, to her royal hotness, she certainly has hit all the right places in topping the polls in the pin up for senior citizens of the UK.

Certainly gives new meaning to a queen bed,  they really do want to see the royal chambers and a whole lot more.

And we have more, footage shot in secret by an insider. A look a like or a forgery of the royal charms?

Royal Morpheus

Royal Morpheus

Princess Dianna may have been the Queen of hearts, But the Queen of England is certainly the Queen of hearts and other parts, as she tops the results in senior sexiest women of Britain polls, and long may queen Elizabeth ii reign supreme in the minds and, ahem, other parts of the senior subjects of the United Kingdom.

VOLUPTUOUS – A celebration of voluptuous women pt1

29 10 2008

Voluptuous women, a celebration in all that is voluptous and sensual. Weather it be voluptuous vixens to voluptuous girls, we love them all so much we want to celebrate the full figured woman, the  beholder of xtremecurves ™, with a free voluptuous big voluptuous parties celebration extravaganza series, honoring the beauty that is the voluptuous women in all there full womanly full figured beauty.

We start the series with this sensational hot brunette girl.

Blondes have more fun? This brunette is funtastic

Blondes have more fun? This brunette is 'funtastic'

If any of our reader know her name, please mail us, I would love to now the name of this voluptuous gorgeous brunette.

Brick games and breakout games the real brick buster of a gaming web site.

7 10 2008

Brick games, the Breakout game, the brick buster, or perhaps just the brick game, they go by many names for that long time popular sensation of the video arcades, but the first of the brickbuster games was Breakout developed by Atari Inc and introduced on May 13, 1976 to worldwide success. The conceptualized for Breakout was by Nolan Bushnell and Steve Bristow, who took their influence from the 1972 arcade game sensation Pong, They hit upon the idea to turn Pong into a single player game, essentially the player would use a ball to destroy a wall of bricks, but with a catch the player must do so without missing the ball on its rebound. The game was heavily ported to home computer and video game consoles. A simple idea that has spawned an army of predessors, intent on making their brick buster the best in town, to take the success of Breakout and add their own evolution from the originators of Pong and Ataris Breakout.

Whats the day, Its Playday

What's the day, Its Playday

This original classic is still a major game type in today’s video gaming, so much so that a website decided to devote itself purely to publishing the Breakout game, or as we know it today the brick buster video game. Breakout Brick Buster is your one stop store to all things in Brick Busting video game action.

We ran a few question over to the people at Breakout Game Brickbuster about just what inspired them to cater just to the Breakout game market.

I guess you are the super Breakout kings you sure seem to have the best and biggest selection of brick games, what started you on this journey.

Well for me the Breakout arcade game was just an amazing experiance, I guess that started it off and plugged my interest in the brick buster games that would last until today, and its still going strong.

Atari Breakout was the first of the brick games, what do you say to the idea that the rest of the Breakout games are just clones of the original.

I don’t call them a Breakout clone sure Atari Breakout was the first, but things have changed since them, they have improved, evolved if you like, today we can see the brick breaking game has gone to new levels in terms of game play.

Can you tell me more about this evolution on the classic game, whats your favorite in terms of the new wave of bricks breaking game genre .

For the new breed of Breakout games I guess at the moment my favorite is Arkanoid, the Arkanoid Breakout picks my choice as of late, it adds new features to the traditional take on the brick buster game and that’s what I love, new innovation always gets my interest. For Breakout online interest, Arkanoid download figures are pretty high since its release, so we are guessing you like it too. So for a Breakout download number that seems the Arkanoid game is hot right now, but new brick games are always on the horizon, its a popular genre of video games, so their are always new brick games looking to take the highest position and they always bring new innovation on the brick game concept.

Breakout the fun times!

Breakout the fun times!

I know you must have what must be the best Breakout online web store but what about freeware Breakout, some people like to try before they buy, or just play a free brick buster.

We have free brickbuster games, all brickbuster games give the user an hours free trail, we have hundreds of wall buster action games, so believe me, it would take quite some time to play all of our  massive range of awesome brickbuster games so it would take you quite some time to get through are huge collection and get to play all the brick buster online games we have on our website. So if you want to play bricks breaking games, then we are your best option and that’s for sure if you want to play Breakout type games we surly cannot be beat.

Well that’s quite an endorsement from the brick buster champions – Breakout Game Brickbuster. Why not pay them a visit at their web site and get on board for all the best in sensational brick games.