Independent games, are you making what the public really want.

16 08 2008

Don’t be a parrot, learn to speak with your own voice.

I want to talk about what games people really want and what people may be making without being informed of the real market.

Bereft of life, he rests in peace. This is an ex parrot

Bereft of life, he rests in peace. This is an ex parrot

lets look at what games people are really playing, what people are really looking for, who the real market in games is, because what is being made to sell by the large corporations are not always the same thing, but one has to know what the media is, what it really is, what it means and what its purpose is, the majority of people believe the media is a random creation of culture creation created by random persona’s or organisations, this is wrong.

Lets learn what the term media really means.

media, medium
(Latin: medium is the neuter form of the adjective medius, meaning “middle”; as well as, a neuter noun meaning, “the middle”)

The transformation of media and medium over the years.

When medium was first borrowed into English late in the sixteenth century, it was used for “something lying in a middle or intermediate position”.

Media (the plural of medium) is a transformation of the term “media of communication”, referring to those organized means of dissemination of fact, opinion, entertainment, and other information; such as, newspapers, magazines, cinema films, radio, television, the World Wide Web, billboards, books, CDs, DVDs, videocassettes, computer games, and other forms of publishing.

So as we can see the term means, medium, now why should that reference be used. Well when we want to direct, or communicate an idea one has to broker that to the intended party, we can do that in person, or we can use a third party, lets imagine 3 parts, at the top we have the originator of the idea, or the originator of the intended effect, at the bottom we see the intended recipient of that idea or intention, in the middle we have the broker of that intent, this is the medium, the middle party that delivers the intent.

In our world, the originator of the idea or intent is the higher echelon of society, at the bottom is the masses, and in the middle we have the media, or the medium if you like, the elite use a broker to deliver the intent, and it is an intent as it is intended to have a desired effect on your actions or thoughts.

So, the medias job is to influence, and not just to make money or provide a service of entertainment, it does make capital, but that is not its sole aim, its aim is the communication to the masses below, it is the medium of influence, one important note to make, when one wants to speak to the dead one makes use of a special individual, this person is know as a medium.

Is our media, or medium speaking to the dead, is that how the masses are thought as, are they the real living dead.

When you know this one can stop copying what the media intends for our indoctrination, if you look at indie games, and lets stress that again, indie, independent, you will see a very wide variety of games with lots of individuality, lots of ideas and concepts, often very different than what the mainstream media presents to us, indie games do not focus on graphics, which interestingly the mainstream games do, graphics that need high end and expensive technology, the originators of these games and the hardware manufacturers are in bed with each other, they walk hand in hand, one hand washes the other, I think you get the drift, and I also think some of you have noticed how alike these high end games are, they all follow a narrow section of all the possible avenues video games take, indie developers don’t have any trouble realising broad ideas in their games, but the big boys always follow the same path, the same script, and of course they should, the script is layed out, and is followed religiously, script comes from scribble, scribble is not the same as write or right, the scribbling scribes write their scripts, in ancient times this was done for the high priest or the reigning monarch, and passed down to the profane to follow blindly. The scribes still scribble the doctrines for the indoctrinated, only you don’t have to follow it.

Once released from following, one can lead oneself. When one looks at what people are really looking for, what people are really playing, one often finds it is not the same as what is being promoted by large corporate entities, one finds that more people may look for card games, or word puzzles or whatever that game may be than may be looking for Farcry or whatever the latest fancy pants game is being marketed with millions of dollars. Do your own research, find out, just what type of games are people really playing, I mean really playing, you may be surprised at just what you find.

Being an independent developer means you are released from any ties, you can create what you want, or what the public really wants, not what we are told they want.

So what are you waiting for, be an independent developer, create your own culture, your own ideas, and create the games that the public is really looking for, not what we are told they are looking for. You may be pleasantly surprised at your new sales or download figures.

Note – Guest piece article by personal friend of Lee Elia. His latest game is called, New World Disorder, go give them a visit for a real world shake up.


Willy Wonka the real story – Movie Trailer

16 08 2008

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Willy Wonka, harmless candy maker, only wishing for children to suck his lolly pops, or perhaps something more sinister, we let you decide exactly what lies beyond his chocolate tubes of delight, and what he really has planed for his candy empire and his sinister Umpa Lumpas.
Music, first song is the sixth sense theme and the second is Stockholm syndrome by muse.

New World Order – The musical

16 08 2008

Imagine a worldwide conspiracy being orchestrated at the highest echelon by an all powerful and influential group of genetically related individuals at the pinnacle of the pyramid of society, including many of the world’s wealthiest people, the top political leaders, including the top corporate elite, as well as members of the Black Nobility of Europe, whose ultimate agenda is to create a One World Fascist Governance, stripping the world of all nationalistic and regional boundaries. Their intention, to effect complete and total utter control over every human being on the planet, and in turn culling the world’s population by 6 Billion people to a mere 500 million, who will serve them in a new feudalistic system as a perfect slave class.

You’ve just imagined the story to what will be Broadways most spectacular new hit production, New World Order the musical, this star studded musical will draw from well known performers from movies and television for leading roles, to give it a cross over appeal to an audience that may not usually consider visiting the theatre, the show is meant to appeal not just to theater goers, but the common people who we hope will delight in this story of oppression and fascism that will be touring 39 theatres in New York City. Broadway is hoped to serve as a test bed to the shows popularity, if successful, plans are in progress to a possible world wide tour bringing the show a world wide audiences around the globe.

Lets hope its a success – New World Order, mass entertainment for the mass mind.

Theres no business like show business

Coming to entertain you real soon.

There’s no business like show business
If you tell me it’s so
Dominating the world is so thrilling
Standing out in front on opening nights
Smiling as you watch the masses falling
And see your billing up there in lights

There’s no people like show people
They smile when you are low
Even with a populace that you know will fold
They may be stranded out in the cold
Still you wouldn’t trade it for a sack o’ gold
Let’s go on with the show
Let’s go on with the show!
The show!
The show!

In the meantime consider the interactive version of the New World Order, that’s right, you too can play a role in the fun and frolics of totalitarianism with this super free video game New World Disorder.

Who is the master? – Robert Anton Wilson

12 08 2008

What is reality? Is reality subjective? Does it exist outside of me? Or is reality within me or projected from me? Robert Anton Wilson says simply and literally there is no reality beyond the perceptions or beliefs we each have about reality. summarized it as follows, “Perception is reality” or “Life is how you perceive reality” or “reality is what you can get away with”, me I am a anti realist – I view that there is no objective reality.

The Evil Pinocchio Trailer

10 08 2008

This little wooden head is out to destroy the world and only one cricket can stop him! It’s Walt Disney’s classic masterpiece as you have never seen it before…my way.

Wizard of Oz horror trailer

10 08 2008

A Parody of The Wizard of Oz. Not intended to be scary. Just funny. Actually that’s a lie, it is scary, I want you to be scared, I want you to poo your pants, I’m tiered of the watered down version of what really happened in OZ, here you get the facts. You want the truth , we say you cant handle the truth.

Cyberpunk Porn – Sexual Matrix

10 08 2008
Cyberpunk it aint.

Cyberpunk Sex?

Capitalizing on the popularity of the tech noir hit The Matrix, director Udo Blass brings forth this softcore sci-fi flick in 1999. The premise of Sexual Matrix is a scientist who creates a virtual reality device that seemingly brings to life the sexual fantasies of those who use it. What follows is a series of R-rated scenes of erotica set against an electronic backdrop.

The film has a straight forward premise to its story, a professor needs money fora prototype sex VR machine that enables people act out their fantasies in VR. The professor cons a local university into funding. Then the rest of the movie involves subjects testing out the VR system. A brief side story dealing with the professor and his hawt assistant, nothing worth going into.

Conclusion, nothing to amaze here from any cyberpunk perspective, these exploitation movies can pass on quality production, but it is of a decent quality production fortunately. The films “sexual fantasies” are made up of decent quality production soft-core porn, but the bottom line is there’s no cyberpunk aspects to this film apart from one scene that had some cyber type sets to its making. But in all most scenes are regular soft-core porn scenes. If you’re interested in a decent quality soft core porn showing lots of breasts in a facade VR setting. All in, Sexual Matrix has nothing whatsoever to do with the Matrix movies, or not much else of anything cyberpunk other than VR love scenes, so In all its either cashing in on the cyberpunk angle or the tag line of Matrix.

Sexual Matrix may hold a passing interest. But remember watch for the misleading cover and description coz cyberpunk it ain’t.

Also released as Sex Files: Sexual Matrix.