Royal Sex Bomb.

30 10 2008

With rumours of sexual scandals rocking the royal household, we can reveal a new Royal sex bomb that has been revealed with shocking revelations for the Royals.

In a nationwide survey in over 80 year olds on just who they think is the sexiest gal, the number one pin up for the senior citizen is none other than her majesty, Queen Elizabeth, that’s right, amongst the silver surfers on their number one hottie, the lady with the charms they simply cant resist is the reigning queen of the United Kingdom,

Coming head and shoulders above all that would challenge her glamour crown is the regal vintage pin up HRH, perhaps we should change HRH from being her royal highness, to her royal hotness, she certainly has hit all the right places in topping the polls in the pin up for senior citizens of the UK.

Certainly gives new meaning to a queen bed,  they really do want to see the royal chambers and a whole lot more.

And we have more, footage shot in secret by an insider. A look a like or a forgery of the royal charms?

Royal Morpheus

Royal Morpheus

Princess Dianna may have been the Queen of hearts, But the Queen of England is certainly the Queen of hearts and other parts, as she tops the results in senior sexiest women of Britain polls, and long may queen Elizabeth ii reign supreme in the minds and, ahem, other parts of the senior subjects of the United Kingdom.