14 07 2008
I want to suck you

I want to suck you

Free Vampire MMORPGS, The best vampire games online. Play video game Vampires. Download Vampire game now. Why? Becuase Lee Elia wants to suck you off, he wants to suck all your life juices out of you leaving a dry corpse, de juice ya, drain the aqua vita of life, that’s right, I want to be a vampire, vampires are cool, I think of them as metaphors of the aristocracy, they have black hair, being descendants of Norman aristocracy, the so called black aristocracy, they have white skin, from being inside their castles and palaces, unlike the peasantry who are tanned from working the fields all day, and they drain you of blood, ie they drain the life out of you, feed on you, just like the aristocracy feed on the working people, of course those who aren’t aristocracy themselves will have to settle on playing vampires in video games instead, and as you will be poor you will need free ones, so Ill recommend this blog that reports on free vampire mmorpgs

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