Royal Sex Bomb.

30 10 2008

With rumours of sexual scandals rocking the royal household, we can reveal a new Royal sex bomb that has been revealed with shocking revelations for the Royals.

In a nationwide survey in over 80 year olds on just who they think is the sexiest gal, the number one pin up for the senior citizen is none other than her majesty, Queen Elizabeth, that’s right, amongst the silver surfers on their number one hottie, the lady with the charms they simply cant resist is the reigning queen of the United Kingdom,

Coming head and shoulders above all that would challenge her glamour crown is the regal vintage pin up HRH, perhaps we should change HRH from being her royal highness, to her royal hotness, she certainly has hit all the right places in topping the polls in the pin up for senior citizens of the UK.

Certainly gives new meaning to a queen bed,  they really do want to see the royal chambers and a whole lot more.

And we have more, footage shot in secret by an insider. A look a like or a forgery of the royal charms?

Royal Morpheus

Royal Morpheus

Princess Dianna may have been the Queen of hearts, But the Queen of England is certainly the Queen of hearts and other parts, as she tops the results in senior sexiest women of Britain polls, and long may queen Elizabeth ii reign supreme in the minds and, ahem, other parts of the senior subjects of the United Kingdom.


Cyberpunk Porn – Sexual Matrix

10 08 2008
Cyberpunk it aint.

Cyberpunk Sex?

Capitalizing on the popularity of the tech noir hit The Matrix, director Udo Blass brings forth this softcore sci-fi flick in 1999. The premise of Sexual Matrix is a scientist who creates a virtual reality device that seemingly brings to life the sexual fantasies of those who use it. What follows is a series of R-rated scenes of erotica set against an electronic backdrop.

The film has a straight forward premise to its story, a professor needs money fora prototype sex VR machine that enables people act out their fantasies in VR. The professor cons a local university into funding. Then the rest of the movie involves subjects testing out the VR system. A brief side story dealing with the professor and his hawt assistant, nothing worth going into.

Conclusion, nothing to amaze here from any cyberpunk perspective, these exploitation movies can pass on quality production, but it is of a decent quality production fortunately. The films “sexual fantasies” are made up of decent quality production soft-core porn, but the bottom line is there’s no cyberpunk aspects to this film apart from one scene that had some cyber type sets to its making. But in all most scenes are regular soft-core porn scenes. If you’re interested in a decent quality soft core porn showing lots of breasts in a facade VR setting. All in, Sexual Matrix has nothing whatsoever to do with the Matrix movies, or not much else of anything cyberpunk other than VR love scenes, so In all its either cashing in on the cyberpunk angle or the tag line of Matrix.

Sexual Matrix may hold a passing interest. But remember watch for the misleading cover and description coz cyberpunk it ain’t.

Also released as Sex Files: Sexual Matrix.

Big brother naked sex scandal

7 08 2008
How much to see ones tuppence.

How much to see ones tuppence.

Big Brother sex scandal – Rex’s sex wild antics with Vegas stripper, Big Brother love rat, Rex Newmark caught in shocking sex antics with Las Vegas stripper, love rat, Rex pictured with strippers (see above for the tasty ginger snaps), enjoying rampant orgies of indulgence, in hedonism fueled blokes only holiday of debauchery, in secret holiday bash, away from the eyes of his unsuspecting innocent long term girlfriend, Nicole Cammack. After BB chef Rex Newmark received raunchy lap dances from busty strippers it wasn’t long before ladies man Rex was laying on the charm, boasting of his fathers chain of restaurants and his extravagant lifestyle, after laying down his boastfull patter he seduced one of the willing strippers into a alcohol fueled sex session back at his luxury hotel.

After the wanton romp the next day the pair was seen kissing and canoodeling around the hotel complex before heading back out for a night of cocktails and lap dances topped off with sex sessions.

After 2 days professional cad Rex was bored of her company and jilted her while boasting to friends of his conquest, close sources to Rex Newmark say he is a complete party animal, who just loves the wild side of life, while in Vegas with pals he just wanted to get wildly drunk and chase strippers, he must of spent an absolute fortune fulfilling his wild party lifestyle.

Since returning to the UK he has been forced to curb his wanton lifestyle, not been able to act out on his wild urges he has been wandering round the house complaining and belittling the other housemates. A close friend said “He is such a wild party animal he must be absolutely bored going though the big brother experience, he must be going out of his mind in there”.

Now he has been on Big Brother his friends say he will be an even more extravagant show off, when he comes out he will be virtually unstoppable, lock up your daughters because he really fancies himself as a Romeo character, no woman is safe with Rex around.

Celebrity Oops – fully revealing total exposure

15 07 2008
Oops revealed

Oops revealed

Celebrity Oops, the true gossip on celebrity news.

Boredom free, fully revealing total exposure, opening all the nooks and crannies of celebrity life, playing celebrity gynaecologist, going right in all the way, giving you all the celebrity skin, exposing the crotch of celebrity life. At Celebrity oops, don’t get caught with your pants down, and lets keep that guard up, you never now when we you will find a celebrity nip slip and we will cry, Celebrity Oops!

The celebrity big brother of the celeb world, and remember big brother is always watching you, and we are always watching celebrities.