Cyberpunk Porn – Sexual Matrix

10 08 2008
Cyberpunk it aint.

Cyberpunk Sex?

Capitalizing on the popularity of the tech noir hit The Matrix, director Udo Blass brings forth this softcore sci-fi flick in 1999. The premise of Sexual Matrix is a scientist who creates a virtual reality device that seemingly brings to life the sexual fantasies of those who use it. What follows is a series of R-rated scenes of erotica set against an electronic backdrop.

The film has a straight forward premise to its story, a professor needs money fora prototype sex VR machine that enables people act out their fantasies in VR. The professor cons a local university into funding. Then the rest of the movie involves subjects testing out the VR system. A brief side story dealing with the professor and his hawt assistant, nothing worth going into.

Conclusion, nothing to amaze here from any cyberpunk perspective, these exploitation movies can pass on quality production, but it is of a decent quality production fortunately. The films “sexual fantasies” are made up of decent quality production soft-core porn, but the bottom line is there’s no cyberpunk aspects to this film apart from one scene that had some cyber type sets to its making. But in all most scenes are regular soft-core porn scenes. If you’re interested in a decent quality soft core porn showing lots of breasts in a facade VR setting. All in, Sexual Matrix has nothing whatsoever to do with the Matrix movies, or not much else of anything cyberpunk other than VR love scenes, so In all its either cashing in on the cyberpunk angle or the tag line of Matrix.

Sexual Matrix may hold a passing interest. But remember watch for the misleading cover and description coz cyberpunk it ain’t.

Also released as Sex Files: Sexual Matrix.