VOLUPTUOUS – A celebration of voluptuous women pt1

29 10 2008

Voluptuous women, a celebration in all that is voluptous and sensual. Weather it be voluptuous vixens to voluptuous girls, we love them all so much we want to celebrate the full figured woman, theĀ  beholder of xtremecurves ™, with a free voluptuous big voluptuous parties celebration extravaganza series, honoring the beauty that is the voluptuous women in all there full womanly full figured beauty.

We start the series with this sensational hot brunette girl.

Blondes have more fun? This brunette is funtastic

Blondes have more fun? This brunette is 'funtastic'

If any of our reader know her name, please mail us, I would love to now the name of this voluptuous gorgeous brunette.

Sexy Bikini Contest

10 08 2008

Now this is what I call body art, rate my body you say, I rate it Sexy with an extra P grade for perfect body, This is fitness star Dena Doster shaking her perfect curves at a bikini contest, honey you are babe tastic, I could eat you up.