The science behind the worlds biggest boobs.

28 06 2009

Wonder Drug boob enhancement, the truth of sciences level of advancement beyond the public’s perception.

My blog aims to give you the stranger side of life, but in doing so, we sometimes have those who cannot face the realities of the natural world beyond the anesthetic slice of fiction served up between commercials on that great instrument of human opinion re direction, the propagandists dream, that’s right, I am talking about Lucifer’s dream box, the tell-the-vision set.

The reality is that science is beyond what the public are given, when an announcement is made that one day science will be able to do a certain thing, the reality is, it already does, the science has already been created to create such a marvel, in fact all that is left is the public’s acceptance of the idea, this is when predictive programming must be used, to sell the idea to ensure public acceptance is made to a new idea or science that will become mainstream, you see the latest gadgets are already antiques by the time you receive them, they have been made long past at the higher hidden levels of science.

McBigBoobs - Your order is ready

McBigBoobs - Your order is ready

All you have seen is the public side of science creation that merely introduces you to the idea of the new science, before it is distributed to the public as a working product.

The science of breast enlargement wonder drugs is not a new science, as all science is not new, it is not called scientific research for nothing, read, re-search, that is , re, as in to do again, as the brighter ones amougst you may now realise, it is re search, as the answer has already been found long ago.

Now prepare to play the medias dance, breast implants are the old science, the new science is boobs out of a bottle, no more Frankenstein surgeries to create the monster boobzillia, its the 21 st century folks, the new age is body transformation by changing the bodies own natural chemistry. I can assure you breast augmentation through medicine and not surgery has already been perfected, all that is left is to slowly allow the public’s acceptance to the new drugs that are available. Viagra gave you an erection out of a bottle, the same will be so for breast enlargement, prepare your spam filters, when this thing hits mainstream, the promises of exploding boobs will be explosive indeed.


Worlds biggest Boobs – Test subject image 1

9 08 2008

Worlds biggest boobs test subject photographs.

Grow bags = fun bags

Grow bags = Fun bags

Images have been released of the incredible Japanese boob growing drug revolution, (see here for the original story on revolutionary boob growth treatment) here we see one of the test subjects displaying her incredible assets. Ive heard of Japanese Godzilla, but this is incredible, this is Boobzilla.

Ill post new updates of the test subject images as they are officially released, the mind just boggles at this, stay tuned for more from the crazy science that creates the worlds biggest boobs.

Big boobs wonder drug explosion effects

31 07 2008
Hey Big Mamma

Hey Big Mamma whats shaking - everything

Breaking news, Its given more than than just fat boobs – The wonder drug that has revolutionized breast growth and has ended the evasive procedure with breast implants, has come with some teething troubles recently, the Japanese company responsible for its development had been working on a non permanent solution to there breast enlargement super drug, that quite literally gave the user of the plan any sized boobs they desired, and when I mean any size, I mean any size, the results are beyond imagination, but they wanted to take it one step further and have breast enlargement medication that could be reversible, in other words the effects could be controlled and the breast size would wear off or be a temporary effect, the intention was that ladies could have the choice of when to have larger boobs, and when to return to their normal breast size.

The temporary breast enlargement drug was believed to be based on Esiclene (formebolone) that was originally used as a treatment for children deficient in growth; this was due to its (mild) steroidal yet non-estrogenic properties which can cause growth in children. The injectable version later became commonly use in bodybuilding circles because it caused (temporary) localized growth, for a temporary period and was used by bodybuilder to get a little extra muscle in localised areas prior to competitions.

In bodybuilding, the injectable form of Esiclene is commonly used due to an inflammatory response which causes a significant (though temporary) increase in muscle size and diameter at the site of injection. This local inflammation at the injection sites is due to an accumulation of lymph fluid within the injected muscle (the fluid is not under the skin, it is actually with in the muscle tissue). Esiclene is water soluble, therefore its effects begin to decrease after one day and most swelling subsides with in 4-5 days.

Its all gone Pete Tong

Its all gone Pete Tong

The Japanese breast growth specialised had made an estrogen (female hormone) version that caused swelling not to muscle tissue as in the use of Esiclene (formebolone), but a substance that caused local inflammatory response to fatty tissues, making it ideal as a temporary breast enlargement treatment, much similar in the way Botox is used to cause swelling to hide wrinkles, the breast enhancement injection caused local swelling to the breast area and created larger sized boobs.

The problem is there have been test patients who have experienced side effects with swelling not just in the breast area, but all over the body causing temporary massive weight game through massive water retention swelling. These test patients have been following legal action but due to the signing of their rights to prosecute under the contract as test subjects they have little or no warranty to legal reprise in the matter.

Lets hope these side effects get ironed out and we get to see the bulges in all the right places with fantastic lady lumps in the right places.

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Worlds biggest Boobs from freaky Diet and supplements

14 07 2008
Super Powered Titty Tastic

Super Powered Titty Tastic

Are these the worlds biggest boobs, following a new diet supplement plan from Japan and by following the diet plan similar to that of of Roman Gladiators has caused an epic of boob sized super growth, Mrs Suzzie Shankleton of Greenfields Texas was always self conscious of her small boobs, she said she would do anything to be a full figured woman and feel feminine, and that’s exactly what she has done, say goodbye to breast implants, Japanese scientists by mapping the human genome have isolated the individual gene that is responsible for breast growth, by using their supplement program combined with a diet high in minerals, like the diets Roman gladiators followed to heal themselves from broken bones and injuries from the arena, this high mineral diet consists of stews made from various varieties of bean, barley, raw milk, and cod liver oil, combined with the supplement plan we see massive breast growth.

Though I think Mrs Suzzie Shankleton went a little to far, one can see just how far it can be taken, of course most women will not want to take it quite this far, it is rumoured that a temporary version of the supplement plan may be available in the future so that the genome for breast growth may be switched off, so that one can then use the growth tablets on a short term basis and then return back to ones normal breast size, ideal for those just wanting to experiment or have bigger boobs for a special occasion or event without having to have them full time, that should certainly lead to some interesting weekend boob fests.

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